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Thanks for being one of the first ones here!

MiniMe Pet (the social app for pets!) is under active development and has been just released for iOS and Android.

We’re always looking for loving pet parents to work with and help with feedback for the initial release of our app!

Welcome to MiniMe Pet!

You’re here because you…

...are a pet parent ✔️
...want to connect with other pet parents ✔️
...want to boost your pet's social life ✔️
...believe in happy pet, happy life! ✔️

MiniMe Pet connects all pet parents around the world in the simplest and most user-friendly way. Pet socialization is extremely important for your pets’ overall wellbeing.

Organise pet events at your own pace. Host an event through us and start meeting people in your area.


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I just want my dog to make some friends!

Help Your Pet Socialise

Is your dog bored at home? Bring him out to meet other dogs near you!

Click to see which events are happening in your area. Join in one of the group walks, or host your own.

Know Your Pet's Health

How many calories does your pet need on a daily basis? Which kind of food is right for your pet? Use our calculators and get answers to these questions, and learn more about your pet’s diet and nutrition.

We have partnered with veterinary professionals and canine experts to provide you with these tools that will help you understand your pet’s health and well-being.


Share the best moments

with your pet peers <3

MiniMe Pet: The Social App For Pets

Your pet deserves to be fabulously famous. Use MiniMe to match with locals in your area and join them on walks, events and meet ups.

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Our Partners

At MiniMe Pet, we are committed to more than the well-being of your pets. We believe in supporting initiatives that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for all. That’s why we are proud to announce our sponsorships:

Unique multi-practice global alliance of professionals who service the entrepreneur. Their regional and global alliances will give power to members to achieve what previously seemed impossible, linking professionals from twelve different lines of services around the world.