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We aim to reach around 75% of Europeans in their mid-twenties whom own or want to own a pet, through varied media content, video, photo and blog content.

Tap into our audience network and benefit from extra exposure, leading to more sales for your brand.

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Share your story, or let's tell a new one together

The MiniMe Pet Platform aims to connect pet parents around the world and share pet stories between them. Here are a few ways we can achieve success, together.

Co-Host an Event

We know a thing or two about organising events, meet-ups, especially when there are pet friends involved. Let us make you the star guest, with your brand on show.

Custom Content Creation

Share your content with us in the form of media, and our team will analyse and repurpose it in the best way we see fit.

Got an original story to tell? Contact us and let’s work through it together. We are a passionate team whom is super easy to work with. Let’s talk.


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Sometimes, a joint sponsorship can really make a  project kick off. Let’s talk about your big idea, and see how we can make it a reality.