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Pizza is one of the most popular social and tasty meals in the world. It’s also one of the most common leftover meals that we have sitting out on the counter or in the fridge. Can dogs eat that last pizza slice? Let’s find out.

Pizza is high in fat, salt, and calories, which can lead to obesity, digestive upset, and other health problems in dogs. The large amounts of melted cheese cause pizza to rack up the calorie count and make this meal not recommended for dogs.

Can dogs have pizza crust then? Pizza crust is typically high in carbohydrates and may contain salt and other ingredients that can be harmful to dogs if consumed in large quantities.

While pizza crust is not toxic to dogs, it is not recommended to feed it to them as a regular part of their diet.

When considering whether can dogs have pizza, it is better to choose other safe and healthy snack options available that are specifically formulated for dogs. Some examples include dog biscuits, dental chews, and raw vegetables like carrots or cucumbers.

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MiniMe Pet (the social app for pets!) is under active development and has been just released for iOS and Android.

We’re always looking for loving pet parents to work with and help with feedback for the initial release of our app!