MiniMe Pet – Social App for Pets

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An Amazing App for Pets.

Make your pet famous. Chat with other pet parents. Organize pet events and start connecting with people in your area.

What makes our app so special?

MiniMe Pet is a cross-platform pet app designed with love for every pet parent out there. It provides a comprehensive suite of features for pet parents. Crafted with care by pet lovers, for pet lovers, our goal is to make pet parenting not just easier, but more enjoyable and connected than ever before.

Pet Profiles

MiniMe Pet features individual profiles for your pets. These can be used to create posts and stories in their names and connect with other users' pets.

Posts & Stories

Share your pet's most pawesome moments with the international pet community by publishing posts or stories in the app's post feed!

Comment, Like and Share

Share your pet's most pawesome moments with the international pet community by publishing posts or stories in the app's post feed!

Direct Messaging and Chats

Engage in direct conversations with fellow pet enthusiasts, create group chats or share updates regarding the upcoming pet events.

Connect & Match

Find compatible pets by matching your pets with others in your area. You can tune the search by pets' breed, type and location.

Image & Video Editor

Make your posts or stories more beautiful before publishing. The built-in editor allows you to make adjustments, add filters and more.

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Events & Walkies

With MiniMe Pet you can schedule different events ranging from regular evening walkies with your pet to large-scale party gatherings of pet enthusiasts. Use this feature to invite people and let them know in advance the details about your event and provide the updates on time witth push notifications.

Know Your Pet's Health

How many calories does your pet need on a daily basis? Which kind of food is right for your pet? Use our calculators and get answers to these questions, and learn more about your pet’s diet and nutrition.

We have partnered with veterinary professionals and canine experts to provide you with these tools that will help you understand your pet’s health and well-being.

Our Partners

At MiniMe Pet, we are committed to more than the well-being of your pets. We believe in supporting initiatives that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for all. That’s why we are proud to announce our sponsorships:

Unique multi-practice global alliance of professionals who service the entrepreneur. Their regional and global alliances will give power to members to achieve what previously seemed impossible, linking professionals from twelve different lines of services around the world.