MiniMe Pet

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Pet Happiness Meter

Pets, Part of the Family

We had a lot of fun creating this calculator, we actually think it’s our most special one yet!

Quite simply, we strongly believe that your pet’s happiness is directly proportional to the amount of love you give to it.

It’s quite simple, the more you love your pet, the happier it will be!

Sure, there’s a wealth of other factors involved in overall pet happiness, like a safe and warm environment, healthy diet, plenty of water and for dogs, an outgoing, active lifestyle.

Most essential tasks can be carried out by being responsible enough to meet the needs of your pet. Ultimately, your dog, pet, hamster, fish, horse, needs love.

So go home and love your pet, smother it, spoil it! A happy pet, is a loved pet!

Fun Fact

Dogs can read and interpret your facial expressions, but they use other cues, like body language and voice notes to understand what you're doing and how you're feeling.

Thanks for being one of the first ones here!

MiniMe Pet (the social app for pets!) is under active development and has been just released for iOS and Android.

We’re always looking for loving pet parents to work with and help with feedback for the initial release of our app!