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Cat BMI Calculator


< 15 Underweight

15 – 29.9 Normal weight

30 – 42 Overweight

> 42 Obese

What is Body Mass Index?

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a measure of how a person’s body mass compares to their height.

For cats, the Feline Body Mass index calculator uses the same formula as that of dogs and humans.

The resulting BMI of your cat is an indication of their ideal body fat content.

How do I measure my cat?

Measure around the cat's rib cage (careful!). Then measure the length from the knee, to the ankle - not to the paw.

My Cat Is Overweight

There are a variety of different reasons that your cat has been marked above the average. These can include:

  • Exercise: Cats enjoy physical activity and need to get an adequate amount of it. They don’t need to be taken out for walks, like dogs, but they should be encouraged enough exercise that their energy levels are spent appropriately. Play with your kitty! Not only will it stimulate good mental  health, but it will in turn contribute to the overall weight of your cat.
  • Nutrition: After consulting your vet, or pet shop clerk, consider the right amounts of food for your cat. Cut back on the snacks, and consider changing from dry food to canned food. Canned food has a higher carbohydrate and protein content, leaving your cat feeling full for longer, and avoiding snacking on biscuits.
  • Disease: The most visible symptoms are diseases or hormonal imbalances, as well as their genetics. Always consult with a vet if concerned about medical conditions.

My Cat Is Underweight

Firstly, always consult your vet. An underweight cat has a visibly lower body fat content, and its ribs may be visible to the naked eye, or by feeling with your hand.

Malnutrition is almost always the main contributor to a cat’s body fat content. It usually means they do not have access to food. Consider organising a higher-calorie specialised diet, and ensure you are feeding your cat consistently. 

Often-times a stressed, anxious or nauseous cat will avoid eating altogether. Usually there is an underlying problem, and is considered a medical emergency. It should be addressed immediately by visiting a vet.

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