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Why does your beloved Fido chew on grass? It’s a question that has perplexed dog owners for millennia. Is it something to do with their diet, an anxious habit, a throwback to their wild past, or simply because they like it?

The answer is … all of the above … maybe?

Some say dogs eat grass to soothe their upset stomachs, but … Do they eat grass to vomit, or do they vomit because they ate grass? Studies show only about 25% of grass-eating dogs actually throw up, so it’s probably not a self-medication technique. But, dogs do need fiber in their diet, and grass provides a boost.

For some dogs, grass nibbling might be boredom-induced. When they’re alone, they might grab some green to pass the time. Dogs crave human interaction and may resort to grassy munchies when feeling neglected.

We often forget, but dogs have wild roots, and their food didn’t come from a bag. In the wild, they hunted and their prey’s grass-filled stomachs provided them with fiber. Even modern dogs, with their store-bought food, might be expressing an ancient instinct.

Then again, they could just like the taste!

What’s the problem?

Well, grass doesn’t hurt dogs, but the chemicals people use to control pests or help plants grow might. And, there are all sorts of bugs, including intestinal parasites lurking in grass. So, it’s best to steer Rex away from any green stuff.

How do I stop them?

Training might be in order. You can use treats, verbal reinforcement, or petting as rewards to distract them from their craving. Redirect their attention with a “heel” command and offer a treat when they obey. That should help your pup kick the lawn habit.

So, there you have it, a peek into why our furry friends are drawn to the green stuff. It might be a mystery, but it’s all part of the quirky charm that makes dogs so wonderfully unique.

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