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Hibiscus is a shrub that is very popular and loved by many thanks to its beautiful, big flowers that come in shades of red, fuschia, pink, white and orange. But some dog owners that have hibiscus in their gardens might be worried are hibiscus poisonous to dogs.

Hibiscus is condidered safe for dogs and it is not listed as toxic. We dont see why any dog would “attack” or play with this shrub but in case that happens, don’t worry as hibiscus is not harmful for dogs. So when having a garden and thinking is hibiscus plant poisonous to dogs, there is no need to worry as this plant is safe for your pet.

Also if worried is hibiscus tree poisonous to dogs, the answer is the same, hibiscus tree is not considered toxic as well so it is safe to have this plant in your garden, even if you are dog owner.

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