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Beautiful and colorful peonies, with their lush, heavy flowers are one of the most popular plants that can be found in our homes.

But what if our pets come in contact with peonies? Are they safe? Are peonies actually poisonous to cats? The answer is yes, peonies are poisonous to cats. The plant contains compounds called paeonol and paeoniflorin, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy if ingested by cats. Also cat owners might be concerned are peonies toxic to cats and what are the toxic parts of the plants.

Peonies are definately toxic to cats, and the flowers and leaves of the plant are the most toxic parts. Therefore cat owners who are also having peonies in their home should make sure that their pets dont come into contact with this plant. So if you wonder are peonies poisonous for cats if they have been ingested, the recommendation is to seek veterinary care for your cat immediately.