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Safety of our cats is always important for cat owners so some of them might wonder if plants they keep in their home are safe for their pets.

Christmas Cactus is a popular decorative plant that can be found in many homes, and due to its shape, some curious cats can try to play with it. But are Christmas Cactus poisonous to cats?

Christmas cactus is generally considered non-toxic to cats and the plant is safe to have in your home. If ingested by your cat, it is unlikely to cause any serious harm. So if wondering are Christmas Cactuses poisonous to our cats, we have some good news that is not and it is safe to keep them in your home.

But what about flower part of the plant? Are Christmas cactus flowers poisonous to cats? Christmas cactus flowers are also not toxic to cats however, ingesting large amounts of Christmas cactus can cause mild gastrointestinal upset in cats, such as vomiting and diarrhea. It is always important to monitor your cat’s behavior around plants and seek veterinary care if you notice any signs of illness.