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They say you learn something new every day, and that’s exactly what we’ve got for you in the following article. We’re running kind of a “Can Dogs Eat It” series of posts, to satisfy some of our pet curiosities when it comes to food, like leftovers, sneaky under-the-table scraps or accidental mishaps like someone knocking over a bowl.

Today, we wonder, Can Dogs Eat Ricotta Cheese?

As any caring dog owner, you have probably been thinking about different foods that you can introduce to your pet’s diet. One of the options that come to mind is ricotta cheese, which is a good source of protein and calcium, as well as vitamin A and vitamin B12, plus it is lower in fat and calories compared to other cheeses. But can dogs have ricotta cheese in their diet?

Ricotta cheese is not toxic for dogs, but it is not recommended to be a regular part of their diet. So if thinking is ricotta cheese is good for dogs, probably the best answer is, that it is not bad, but should be used in moderation and not on a regular basis. Some dogs can be lactose intolerant as well so they may experience digestive issues such as bloating, gas or diarrhoea.

If you decide to give your dog ricotta cheese, it is important to use low-fat, low-sodium kind and avoid any cheese with added flavours or ingredients like garlic or onion, which can be harmful to dogs. So the best recommendation on the question can dogs eat ricotta cheese is to consult your veterinarian before introducing it to your dog’s diet.

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