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Hello and welcome to another blog post of CAN THEY EAT IT? Where we bring foods from all origins and all areas of the kitchen and we let you know if they’re okay for your dog to eat. Today, we’re talking about the ?? quesadilla ??

A favourite take-out option, an easygoing snack, a cheese-lovers delight. But for dogs? Well…

Quesadillas are typically made with tortillas and various fillings such as cheese, meat, and vegetables. While small amounts of some of these ingredients may be safe for dogs to consume, quesadillas are not an ideal food for dogs. It is generally recommended to avoid feeding your dog human foods that are high in fat, salt, and spices, as they can lead to digestive upset, obesity, and other health problems.

If you’re like us and wondering: can dogs have quesadillas, well it really depends on the ingredients that quesadillas will contain. A quesadilla is traditionally toasted tortilla bread with cheese melted in between. Delicious! It’s often filled with other ingredients, like meat, spices, avocado, and other fillings. This combination of high-fat ingredients make it an unhealthy meal for your furry friends.

Some pet parents also wonder can dogs have cheese quesadillas but considering that cheese is food usually high in fat and containing lactose, a better option, in this case, are quesadillas that would not disrupt your dog’s digestion. The tortilla bread without the cheese would probably be a better option. But in general, If you want to give your dog a treat, it is better to choose dog-specific treats that are formulated for their nutritional need and of course, always consult your veterinarian.

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